Why Shutters?

Child safety
Shutters are cordless by design, eliminating the potential safety hazard posed by operating cords. They add beauty to any room and are well suited to homes with young children.

Shutters offer any degree of privacy you need.

Shutters compliment any decor and style, from traditional to contemporary

Energy Efficiency
Shutters are among the highest rated in energy efficient, so you can save on utilities bills while doing your part for the environment.

UV Protection
Shutters give you the power to block the harmful rays that discolour and degrade your finest possessions.

Wood shutters last longer than any other window coverings.

Shutters are rated excellent in ventilation, when they are fully opened, air can freely flow through.

Easy Clean
Shutters are easy to clean with a soft, dry cloth. Light dusting will keep them looking beautiful for decades.

Ease of Operation
You can simply open or close shutters with a the touch of a finger.

Added Value
Shutters increase your home value.